Best Tourist Attractions in Washington, D.C.

Best Tourist Attractions in Washington, D.C.

My friend got 2 weeks off from his job at a Little Rock garage door service, and decided to go to Washington. Here are some of the best places to visit inspired by his journal entries shared with me!

As widely known, the United States of America comprises of presently 50 U.S. states. Washington, DC, is the capital city of the U.S., a solid city on the river of Potomac, next to the states of Virginia as well as Maryland. Any one of you has visited Washington? What can you say about the place? It is breathtaking? It is super nice and cool place? Well, if you are now planning to take a travel trip to Washington, I will show you the best tourist attractions that will guide you in your sightseeing planned activity. To let you know, autumn and spring are the best seasons to visit Washington

The United States Capitol and Capitol Hill

The capitol hill mainly consists of exemplary humanistic monuments and big buildings which include the 3 communal government departments such as the Supreme Court, the Capitol and the White House. If your feet guide you to this place, you can see the archetypal museums as well as the locales of the performing arts acting as Kennedy Center. To let you know, the Capitol is identified all over the world as the emblem of the United States which is comprised of the seat of the House of Representatives as well as the Senate. You can take a view in the magnificent dome which is prominent above all other big buildings in Washington. Not that all, there is a terrace called “marble” where you can see the stunning glimpse up the mall and the city. To give you a brief highlight on the inside view, the indoor is gorgeous together with decorations, relaxations, and dazzling paintings. You can reserve online free tours that are located on the ground floor specifically at the visitor’s hub. If you want to have an appointment with the Senate, all you have to do is to connect your representative for an entry pass.

The White House

Normally, the White House is the authorized palace of the President of the United States. This is the home of each president excluding George Washington. In 1972, James Hoban formerly built the White House. In 1814, British forces burned down the White House and were reconstructed in 1818. The interior journey comprises the Red Rooms, the East, Green, and Blue; the Ballroom; as well as the Dining Room of the State, should be held back well earlier over your consulate either through your office of the legislative. You can take a glance at this emblematic building externally. You can also take a glimpse in a distance the distinguished collective display.

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is the cherished of all memorials in Washington. It positioned at the rear side of the city mall which disconnected from the monument of Washington utilizing the reflecting pool. Did you know who is at the center in the marble? You can appreciate the gigantic 19-foot statue of seated President Abraham Lincoln encircled with 36 columns. This statue was the legendary work of a sculptor named Daniel Chester French. The paintings located on the indoor walls were painted by Jules Guerin. If you love so much visiting different places all over the world, the monuments and the marble statue of President Abraham Lincoln is one you can count in Washington, D.C. In the night, the Lincoln and other monuments are all properly lighted. One thing, the Lincoln Memorial is 24 hours open.

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